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Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR was the most popular star of the silver screen. respected by the people, and deified by his supporters. Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR strongly believed that an actor need not be an actor alone. He should also serve the people through his acting and artistes should dedicate themselves to serving the people. Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR had a close look at the world of politics and jumped whole hog into it. A lot of people advised him against this move. But Dr MGR decided that politics was one field from which he could serve the people who meant more to him than anything else in the world.The AIADMK founded by Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR, is now in its 29th year. Over the last 25 years, the AIADMK has been ruling Tamil Nadu for a majority of the period, to the extent that The recent history of Tamil Nadu is entwined with the history of the AIADMK bounded as it is by mutual love, attachment and respect for the people. Little wonder that the party has made a significant impact on the body polity of the nation.