Making his film debut in 1936, in the film Sati Leelavathi, directed by Ellis Dungan, an American born film director, MGR did not attain great popularity until he got his big breakthrough in the 1947 film Rajakumari which was a super hit making him a top hero in Kollywood and one of the most successful in Indian Cinema history, the script for Rajakumari was written by Karunanidhi. He rose to stardom by playing characters that portrayed him as the saviour of the poor. His movies were the medium of communication for the Dravidian movement. For the next twenty-five years he remained the biggest celebrity in Tamil cinema and the most famous and worshiped man in Tamil nadu. Movies like Madurai Veeran, a champion of the Tamil Devars. His star power did not diminish even after he was shot by fellow actor M. R. Radha (Mohan R. Radha), affecting his ability to speak clearly. Even then he undauntedly carried on only to give box-office hit after hits, later paving way for his entry into poiltics. He won the national award in the best actor category for the film Rickshakaran while his filmdom rival Sivaji Ganesan who was considered better actor than him didn’t win it even once as a Hero (Sivaji Ganesan won the national award towards end of his career in Dhevar Magan). His Movie “Nadodi Mannan” (produced & directed by MGR and first released in 1956) released in 2006 ran house full shows in Tamil Nadu for 14 weeks.