The MGR Memorial house is situated in Arcot Street, T.Nagar and was opened for public viewing in 1990 by Mrs.JanakiRamachandran in the presence of Dr.N.C.Raghavachari, Shri.N.P.V.Ramasamy Udayar and the well wishers of Late.Dr.MGR. This house in Chennai was the official residence of Late Dr.MGR and was used by him for more than two decades. This house is open for public viewing from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all days except Tuesdays.

As soon as you enter the house you can see the dark green coloured car bearing the number plate TMX 4777, ready to ‘take-off’ with the sirens glowing. Some songs featured in Late Dr.MGR’s films are being played in a low tone all along. The shields presented to Late Dr.MGR is displayed in an orderly manner, in the reception. Once you reach the first floor you will land in his office room. The swords, spears, heavy wooden clubs used by him, his plate, tumbler, telephone instrument, the shirts that adorned him, the medals won by him, television, the books read by him, camera, trolley, the cloth bandage that was tied on him when he was shot, photographs taken from MGR’s films, letters received by him, Dr.MGR’s MLA identification card, his famous cap and dark glasses, pen, the ‘Bharath Ratna’ medal won by him, the certificate given to him when he was conferred with the doctorate degree are all exhibited here. Actually there are lots of photographs taken right from his first film ‘Sati Leelavathi’ to his last film ‘Maduraiyai Meetta Sundara Pandian (About 138 films in all). Due to dearth of space certain photographs have not been exhibited.

This memorial is really a gift of Dr.MGR to his fans.He has willed that the income from the market he owned in alandur purchased by him when he was acting in movies is to be used for the expenses relating to the maintainence of the memorial.

Right from day one when the memorial was inagurated till today thousands of people from all parts of the Tamil Nadu and even foreigners throng to see what MGR has left for them.There is a bronze bust of Dr.MGR at the entrance of the memorial. There is no entrance fee. This memorial was established and is maintained by the MGR Memorial Charitable Trust headed by our dynamic Trustee Thiru.M.Rajendran M.Tech who is the Executor of Dr.MGR’s last will and testament.

MGR Memorial House
27,Arcot Mudali Street,
Chennai 600017.
Phone: (044) 24351273